Alan Whitmore

Feb 27


Feb 22

Manhattan Stroll Review

"Listening to the beautiful lyrics and awesome vocals in the exciting new album ‘Manhattan Stroll’ by Alan Whitmore made me imagine I was really there! Fresh coffee, New York City, world cultures, walking alongside the yellow taxis and feeling the atmosphere. Enjoying the nice stroll, lots off different and interesting styles on this album all with nice pop melodies ad unusual production, like it :-) Beautiful vocal harmonies, Alan has produced some outstandingly good songs, vocals and arrangements. I thoroughly enjoyed listening. Superb stuff! The title track Manhattan Stroll is a lovely, bouncy piece that greets the listener with a warm invitation to explore your musical world. Great lyrics and full, well-crafted songwriting supported by well-executed performance and strong production! This is a really strong package of eclectic, hook-driven poptastic tunes..very tasty indeed! "
- Mitch Strashnov, Music Culture Magazine

Jan 28



Falling off a rocking horse lol 8 stitches in the head!!!!